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The youth align with Angelic forces to shine light in one of our darkest hours.  As the moon turns blood red in the earths shadow the  torch provides a guiding light.  Our Lady of Victories Basilica, in Lackawanna NY, provides the beautiful marble statue.

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Awakening https://connections.photography/blog/2013/7/awakening  

Love Blooms   

A flower calls, as I walk by.
It lifts its message T'ward the sky.
A poem of Peace, a symbol of Love.
It whispers to me,
Below as above.


In my mind this flower represents the 3rd eye chakra and the blossoming of a more loving(heavenly) Humanity.

Thank You!

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Drum Circle with Friends https://connections.photography/blog/2013/7/drum-circle-with-freinds I attended my first drum circle the other day.  I bought an African Djembe drum and took it down to Woodlawn Beach, NY.  I wound up meeting several friends and had a great time.  As an absolute newbie I felt no pressure from the group of 40 or so drummers gathered, just a  sense of open and welcoming.  I took the photo below to represent the idea of connection between people as well as the subtle yet powerful energetic(soular) connections that we share with all of life.

Children danced and played with hula hoops as the colors of the sunset washed the beach and the energy built as rhythms and hearts synchronized. 

If you want more info follow the link.


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Welcome to Connections Photography https://connections.photography/blog/2013/6/welcome-to-connections-photography

Welcome to Connections Photography,

My name is Michael Phillips.  My wife Kim and I travel to incredible locations around the world to experience our connection with our planet and all of its amazing inhabitants(even people) and piecing together our shared history.

I will update this space with relatively current news and my own views and interpertations of the photographs.

Please enjoy the gallery and feel the Connection.

The best way to view a gallery is in slideshow mode(large galleries will take longer to load).  You can advance and rewind with the arrow keys and also pause and adjust the background shade.

Your time and interest in what I view as beautiful is appreciated!

Have a glorious day and feel free to comment. 

The Photo was taken at Scripps Pier in LA Jolla CA


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